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Through the process of creating The Rose Project, I wanted to say thank you to all the supporters we have gained who’ve been liking and commenting on our post.

Through this project we have learned the importance of working together and working not for ourselves but to help others. Although we didn’t complete our goal we have definitely been motivated to try harder and reach out to more people, help others who want the same thing as us.


The Success of The Rose Project

The overall goal of this project was to raise money for Thorn. I discovered the organization, Thorn, when watching Kendall Rae. The manner in which they work towards ending human trafficking is through developing software that helps protect children from exploitation. Although our goal was significant, we have not succeeded in our project as only 3 people have viewed our petition and no money has been raised.

Our project should have promoted the petition more when reblogging posts as those garnered the most attention. For instance, our most viewed blog was Human Trafficking or Slavery. The article, Human Trafficking or Slavery, dealt with the logistics of human trafficking and how it occurs. It contained information in regards to the manner in which human trafficking happens. It was a reblog which contained a video, combining both the visual aspect with the reblogging feature which would bring more viewers.

Further evidence is that our second best paragraph is one that was a reblog as well. The article by Shanika Paul is titled, “Names Released on Indictments for Treason, Human Trafficking, Election Fraud, and More; Military Tribunals Begin | David Zublick — Captain’s Blog.” The original article by David Zublick was highly interesting with visual aspects incorporated through the use of videos and images. Shanika’s commentary on this brought in our second highest number of views, 6. If more reblogs or blogs with videos were posted, more people would have been intrigued to view our blog and then sign our petition or donate to Thorn.

Our evidence has proven that blog posts utilizing videos, reblogs, and pictures garnered the most views and attention. The posts that incorporated visual aspects or interacted with the blogs of others were the most successful. If more were blogs created in that fashion, our blog would have been much more efficient. If the blog were more efficient, more people would have signed our petition or donated to Thorn. I would have improved my project by posting more frequently to social media, posting more videos and reblogs on my blog, and linking my petition and a way to donate to Thorn in each post.

The Devastating Aftermath of Human Trafficking

It would be super cool if you can check out my video on the aftermath of human trafficking along with some of my partners work.

I discuss how a person’s life is impacted negatively after being trafficked. Even if the relief of being free is enough to make them happy, they still feel the pain they continuously went through.

Human Trafficking…

I felt the need to share this with my viewers as it demonstrates the deeply saddening impact human trafficking has on its victims. This poetry does it much more justice than i could ever inform any of my viewers on.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Image result for human trafficking

Human trafficking…
is so real today…
but many people don’t realize…
for their lives aren’t affected this way.
They have not had a loss…
cause their child has not been taken…
but many are suffering daily…
so let us not be mistaken.
Human trafficking is a problem…

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Informing Others

They have also done work to inform others regarding this topic. “Its data claimed that Thorn also helped disrupt 6,608 perpetrators, encouraged over 140,000 individuals seeking child sexual abuse material to get help and educated 3.5 million teens through its Stop Sextortion campaign”

Image result for brain

Through reblogging this post, more people could become informed in regards to the highly beneficial organization known as Thorn. By supporting Thorn, one is able to learn more information pertaining to human trafficking and its prevention.

Ohio trooper rescues human trafficking victim during highway traffic stop — WGN-TV

It is crucial to look out for any sign of someone who might be kidnapped for they can end up being trafficked. If someone seems suspicious or a kid seems to be lost it is important to ask or at least inform authorities. For instance, in airports it is very likely someone is being trafficked. My mother has always told my brother and I to look out for any kids who seem scared or just odd in general. Now don’t get to your head and think every kid is being trafficked, but focus on body language.

LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio – Ohio State Highway Patrolman Mitch Ross made a traffic stop Tuesday that may have saved a life. According to OSHP, Ross stopped a driver for a failure to move over violation on I-80 west in Lucas County. He noticed a young female in the vehicle riding with an adult male. According to a press release, the 35-year-old driver had “forced her to perform acts” on him. An investigation determined the female passenger was 15. Troopers said […]

Ohio trooper rescues human trafficking victim during highway traffic stop — WGN-TV
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