Something to Think About – The R’s of Life – Survival in a Modern World – Our Rights – Part One – Sally Cronin

I highly recommend reading this article to all of my viewers or followers who wish to become better informed in regards to the laws surrounding human trafficking. It is mandated by the law that all people are entitled to a life of free will and opportunity, however, human trafficking strips that away from people. Life loses it sense of choice and becomes arduous, it is appalling that this is still such a prevalent issue in the present day.

It is so common, in fact, that women are taught from very young ages to not walk alone on the streets at night or to be highly cautious at all times. Nobody chooses to become a part of human trafficking, people are deprived of life a as a result of the abusive actions of others. It is shocking that the perpetrators of this crime are the average people who seem to lead happy lives with successful families. One can never know where the guilt lies.

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When I was revisiting these posts from two years ago, it occurred to me that I was ranting a bit…. well more than a bit. What also struck me is that what I thought was bad then is even worse now. The collective thinking and consideration for each other is clearly not newsworthy, and whilst I know that the majority of people work hard, take responsibility for their lives, health, children, income, housing, education, old age care, pay taxes, and contribute to the community, there are a lot more people today who feel that they have a right to leech off that sector of the comminity than ever before.

For example, recently a family who have never worked talked about how they had a right since it was government money. Sorry the government has rarely made a penny itself, but has legally and sometimes stealthily removed it from the pockets…

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